First off, I want to send a huge thank you to Joe Grand, creator of the DefCon badges. Last year was my first year at DefCon, and I had a TON of fun hacking the DC16 badge with a POV and PWM display. This year I had a bit more time (and a windows VM to use CodeWarrior), also I packed 15 pounds of electronics crap into my backpack. I've never worked with DSP or DSC, so this was new stuff for me, and I'm very glad I got in to it! I didn't see the sneak peak post until it was too late to buy a 3.3v usb->serial, or the jtag dev kit, fortunately I picked up one of the parallax convention kits which has a propplug and worked perfectly.


Feautes of this hack:

How I got it to work:

Source CodeWarrior Project & Files WARNING: this was a quick ugly hack, and the code looks like it!

About me: I'm a software engineer, but always had a love for EE. I've started a hackerspace in Santa Cruz: Bitsmasher.